DC Motors

ABB offers a wide range of DC Motors suitable for almost any application. The motors are designed addressing the following key issues; top performance, reliability and quality. The combination of vast experience together with new development has strenghten our position as the market leader.

High Voltage Induction Motors

The broad range of high voltage AC induction motors consists of cast iron fan cooled motors, modular welded frame motors with different cooling options and modular slip ring motors. Each motor is designed individually to meet all requirements of the specific application.

Low voltage motors

ABB offers a wide range of low voltage AC motors with improved energy efficiency and lifecycle value.

ABB has long advocated the need for efficiency in motors, and high efficiency products have formed the core of its portfolio for many years.


The large range of ABB servomotors is characterized from high dinamic performances and surprising reliability.

The large range of ABB servomotors is characterized from high dimanic performances and surprising reliability.

Designed with advanced technologies the ABB servomotors are at disposal of Customers to satisfy all kind of requirements of industrial automation.

  • Synchronous permanent magnet motors 8C Series
  • New generation of synchronous permanent magnet motors 9C Series
  • AC Induction asynchronous motors HDP Series
  • Ceramic permanent magnet d.c. servomotors 4 and 5 series

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